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Peter Sargent Art Gallery
peter sargent art gallery

Graphite Pencil Drawings are generally on 100 lb. vellum finish Bristol Art Paper. Sizes vary but 12’’x9’’ is the most popular.

Ink & Color Pencil Drawings are generally on vellum finish Illustration Board and sizes vary between 20”x30” and 1”x20”.

Originals and prints are available unframed or, for an additional charge, framed in a standard , high-quality black wood frame and ready to hang.

Pencil Drawings  for sale


Commissions are taken for adult, child and pet portraits and for homes. Commissions have also included antique cars, trucks and boats.

Peter will take several source photos of the subject where available but can also work from a client’s photo if of good enough quality.

Drawings are on good quality art paper as described above with the option of adding a good quality frame.

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